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2015 NFL mock draft: Mike Mayock mocks LT to Arizona Cardinals, but it isn't a crazy pick

And the pick isn't a terrible one.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network's Mike Mayock put together one mock draft. That mock draft was published on the even of the 2015 NFL Draft and many Arizona Cardinals fans hate it.


Because with its first round pick, he has Arizona taking Florida offensive tackle D.J. Humphries.

Humphries is the best left tackle in this draft class. Cardinals general manager Steve Keim has done a great job upgrading that offensive line. They have to protect their 35-year-old quarterback, Carson Palmer.

People wonder if Mayock has any idea what he is doing, especially since the Cardinals already have a left tackle in Jared Veldheer. But Humphries wouldn't come in and play left tackle in Year 1. He would play right tackle.

Some would point out the Cardinals already have a solid right tackle in Bobby Massie. That is sort of true.

The Cardinals do have Massie at right tackle and head coach Bruce Arians seems to be content with him there. However, Massie is not a great right tackle. He is anywhere between average to a little above average. He is also going to be a free agent after the season and will cost a lot more than he does now.

Massie isn't the best pass blocker and does get beaten off the edge by speedy guys. He gave up seven sacks in 2014, and three of those resulted in injuries to Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton.

A Humphries pick makes sense because he can step in and play right tackle a year from now and won't cost a bunch of money. If Humphries can beat out Massie as a rookie (and some believe he could), the pick is even more impactful.

Now, does the pick fill a need? Not an immediate one, but it is a need.

General manager Steve Keim has made upgrading the offensive line a priority since becoming GM. The pick makes sense.

Is it the pick I think the Cards will make? Nope, but it isn't a pick that should cause fans to go nuts about, and it shouldn't be a pick fans should be upset about. After all, if Jared Veldheer were to get hurt, who would be the better LT option -- Humphries or Bradley Sowell?