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2015 NFL Draft Follow Up Thread

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A place to discuss the first round of the draft!

You either love the pick or you hate it, but regardless of your feelings it happened and the Cardinals offensive line now contains three first round draft selections and several talented big bodies that could arguably vault the offensive line to the top of the heap.

Day two begins tomorrow at 5pm and several needs are yet to be addressed. Will the Cardinals finally find a true pass rush threat or will the team have to continue finding pressure through scheming?

How about that running back situation? Both Gurley and Gordon went in the first round scraping the top off a talented RB group. Will the Cardinals go for a running back or target another need?

Finally, what did you think of the Cardinals rivals moves? Armstead to the 49ers? Gurley to the Rams? Seahawks without a first pick (unless you want to say Jimmy Graham was it)?

Let the speculation begin and hears to an exciting beginning to a long preseason!