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2015 NFL Draft grades: Arizona Cardinals make solid, yet boring, pick with Humphries

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A look at what the grades are for the Cardinals.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Draft grades? Yes. It is time to give some immediate grades for the first round -- in particular, the Arizona Cardinals. They went with Florida offensive tackle D.J. Humphries, a move that was slightly surprising.

What grade does it deserve? A boring 'B'.

It is hard to get excited about the pick, especially with an offseason filled with talk of trading for Adrian Peterson, drafting a running back in the first round or getting a pass rusher. Those are sexy moves.

Drafting a tackle when the team seems to have no tackle issues is boring and seems redundant. They have a great left tackle in Jared Veldheer and Bobby Massie was a solid right tackle.

But with Massie set to become a free agent after the 2015 season, it was a wise move to have a guy to push him or even beat him out for the starting job.

Humphries has tremendous upside, but there is the risk is the team's first round pick sit on the bench for his rookie year.

The pick shows a continued commitment to develop a strong offensive line and is forward thinking. It isn't an "A" pick, but it is certainly a solid one.

What are other sites giving the Cardinals for their pick? gives the pick a B.

CBS Sports gives the pick a B+.

ESPN gives the pick a thumbs up.

What grade do you give the pick?