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Only Patrick Peterson from Arizona Cardinals 2011 draft class

Not much is left from 2008-2011 overall.

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Sam Acho has signed with the Bears. Rob Housler is expected to land with another team in free agency. That leaves only one final member from the Arizona Cardinals 2011 draft class on the roster. That player is Patrick Peterson.

In fact, the Cardinals only have one player left from each of the draft classes between 2008 and 2011.

Calais Campbell is the  only player left from the 2008 class. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Tim High tower are still in the league, although Hightower has not played since 20012.

In 2009, the only player left on the Cardinals roster is Rashad Johnson, drafted in the third round. He and Greg Toler are the only players left in the league.

From 2010, the only remaining player on the team is Daryl Washington, and even that could change if and when he is reinstated by the NFL. Much of that class is still in the league -- Dan Williams, Andre Roberts, O'Brien Schofield and Jim Dray.

Peterson is all that is left from the 2011 class, although the league still has Sam Acho, Anthony Sherman, Ryan Williams and Rob Housler.

From the 2012 class -- the final class drafted by Ken Whisenhunt and Rod Graves -- the team still has some players left. Michael Floyd, Bobby Massie and Justin Bethel are key contributors.

Looking back, part of this attrition is normal. Once a player hits his fourth year, free agency kicks in and he will want to get paid. It is hard to keep an entire draft class together that long. Plus, the average NFL career doesn't last that long. Additionally, when teams hire a new head coach like the Cardinals did in Bruce Arians, you frequently see the players from the previous coaching staff start to disappear.

Nonetheless, the lack of players in the league still from those classes show us a reason why Ken Whisenhunt was unable to sustain his success. He didn't get enough of his drafted players to make better contributions.