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Patrick Peterson talks playing weight, free agency, 'wouldn't mind' returning punts again

The 4-time Pro Bowler was a guest on "The Drive"

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Arizona Cardinals 4-time Pro Bowl cornerback Patrick Peterson was a guest on Fox Sports Radio 910 with Jody Oehler and Mike Jurecki this week. He was promoting his car show happening Saturday in Mesa, but he talked about a number of different topics.

Peterson believes the Cardinals "did a great job of reloading" the roster in free agency. With the losses of guys like Sam Acho, Antonio Cromartie, Darnell Dockett and others, Peterson feels like the roster didn't take a step back. "We either got an upgrade or a guy that's the same caliber player as the guy who left," he said.

While Antonio Cromartie left in free agency, Peterson showed confidence in the guys on the roster. He called Justin Bethel "an up-and-coming star" in the league.

An interesting part of the conversation stemmed from something Mike Jurecki talked with Peterson about at the NFL Combine. It was about his playing weight. Peterson is listed at 219 pounds on the roster. He won't be that heavy for the 2015 season.

"I definitely felt I was a little heavier than I wanted to be last season," he explained. He wants to play between 205 and 208 pounds, "to where I can feel comfortable and move around fluidly."

The question was not asked, but you have to wonder how much his blood and blood sugar levels affected his weight last season.

Peterson also said he "wouldn't mind" going back to returning punts this coming season. He didn't say he would lobby for it, but he said he would like to do whatever to help the team improve.

If Peterson were Steve Keim, he would draft a pass rusher or a cornerback, as "you can never have too many of them."

Listen to the entire interview below.