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2015 NFL Draft: Where would Logan Thomas have ranked in this year's QB class?

Discuss this fun topic.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL Draft quickly coming, here is a fun question for you. The top two QBs in this year's draft are obvious. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are slam dunks to be both selected in the top five or six selections. The QB class after that is pretty uncertain, though.

The Arizona Cardinals selected a QB in the fourth round last year -- Logan Thomas -- and believed the only sure franchise QB of the class was Blake Bortles. They believe Thomas has a chance because of his physical attributes and character, but knew he was a long term project. They drafted him for two years from now, said Bruce Arians.

Thomas was the sixth QB drafted last year.

Where would he rank this year?

Our own Seth Cox gives his thought on Twitter and asks for a discussion.

If Thomas were one of the four top QBs picked a season ago, he would have been selected early in the second round.

It is for this reason I believe there is a zero percent chance the Cardinals select a quarterback in this year's draft.

You may discuss it now. Would Thomas have been a high second round pick in this year's class? Would he have been one of the four top QB prospects? Does that change how you view Thomas now or does it chaneg the way you look at this year's crop of quarterbacks?