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2015 NFL mock draft: Arizona Cardinals land some unknowns in full 7-round mock

Someone mocked all 256 picks?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, more mock drafts, but this one is nuts. At SB Nation's New York Giant team site, Big Blue View, there is a full seven-round mock draft. It isn't just one team -- it is a mock of all 256 picks in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Let's see who the Arizona Cardinals got.

Round 1: Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest
Round 2: Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State
Round 3: Hau'oli Kikaka, OLB
Round 4: Ramik Wilson, ILB, Georgia
Round 5: John Miller, G, Louisville
Round 6: Obum Gwacham, OLB, Oregon State
Round 7: Malcolm Bunche, G, Georgia
Round 7: Tyler Heinicke, QB, Old Dominion

Now for what to say about the picks.

The pick of Johnson is solid. Tall and fast, there is a lot to like about Johnson, and Bruce Arians says he wants to add long, fast corner this year.

Ajayi is a favorite running back for a lot of people. He is big and fast, which is the type of back Arians wants. This is a good fit.

Kikaha is a player with a lot of ability, but has big question marks medically because of his knees.

After Round 3, the names no longer are familiar. I hadn't heard of any of the players after him for Arizona.

Wilson is 6-2, 237 pounds and was a very productive player for Georgia. He is not particularly fast, but can cover guys.

Miller is a versatile guard who is strong. He is physical and built for the type of offense the Cardinals run. He would add depth to the guard position, which already has solid depth right now.

Gwacham has the size the Cardinals like for their outside linebackers at 6-5, 246 pounds, although they do tend to go with even a little bigger. He had four sacks and 5.5 tackles for losses last season for the Beavers.

Bunche is another guard. I don't see them taking another guard in the draft unless he can also play tackle. Bunche can, but with the pick of Miller, it seems unlikely.

Heinicke seems like a waste. I think there is a zero percent chance the Cardinals draft a quarterback. They are committed to Logan Thomas this offseason and his development. Anyone else they draft would just take his roster spot.

Overall, it seems like a solid draft, especially in the first three rounds. Two of the late picks don't really make sense to me, but late picks are all typically like that.

Who are your favorite picks? Your least favorite?