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Patrick Peterson: 'I'm a diabetic,' but 'health is back to normal'

The 4-time Pro Bowler has things under control, but did use the word "diabetic" to describe himself.

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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

4-time Pro Bowler Patrick Peterson, starting cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals, was in Mesa last weekend for a car show he put together. AZCentral's Kent Somers interviewed him then and asked him about the health problem head coach Bruce Arians referred to once during the season and gave more detail about in the offseason.

Arians said during the season Peterson had health issues no one knew about. It was later revealed it was a blood sugar level problem. Peterson did not want to discuss it much, saying he would "rather not go into deep detail about that."

When pressed, he did say, "I am a diabetic. Let's just keep it that way."

Peterson said the team doctors diagnosed it, "they put their hands around the throat (of the problem), wrangled it and we moved forward from it." It was something that really did affect his play.

The story made national media rounds, prompting Peterson to release a statement via Twitter.

I want to take a moment to address the media reports this morning regarding my health. While I did have abnormal sugar levels, I've been working with doctors on a strategic meal plan and workout routine that are reversing these symptoms. I'm grateful that this has been reversible for me and my health is back to normal. Thanks everyone for their concern and well wishes! Now back to my workouts and getting ready for the upcoming season!

Arians said the problem was under control long ago. I guess the attention the story brought necessitated addressing it again.

Peterson also said recently he wants to play at a lighter weight in 2015, wanting to play under 210 pounds. he told Somers in the interview he played at about 215 in 2014 and wants to play at 207-208. He told Mike Jurecki and Jody Oehler between 205 and 208. He is listed on the team roster at 219 pounds.

The playing at a lighter weight might simply be the result of his new diet and workout plan. It is also very common for players to start playing a little lighter as their careers progress so they can maintain their speed.

The national story caught fire and made the issue more than it is in reality. The problem has been under control for a while now. He just happened to put the "diabetes" label on it. It is great for him personally and for the team he has it under control. Hopefully this is something that never comes up again.