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2015 NFL Draft results: Scouting report on new Arizona Cardinals offensive tackle DJ Humphries

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Get to know the Cardinals first round draft pick.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

With their first round pick the Arizona Cardinals finished creating a potentially dominating offensive line with the selection of DJ Humphries, the 6-5, 307-pound tackle out of Florida.

Humphries has 19 starts and has played in 29 games with the Gators. He is a left tackle who will come in and day one be the right tackle for the Arizona Cardinals. His long term outlook, though, is a franchise left tackle if he can clean up his technique and grow into his size.


  • Strong athlete who gets good depth in his kick slide with an ability to get off edge rushers.
  • Does good job in pass pro redirecting rushers when they try to go inside because of his length.
  • Long, strong and a legitimate athlete with a nasty demeanor and a willingness to play to and through the whistle.
  • Plus run blocker, that can get to the next level, mirror linebackers and wall off in space, while doing strong work in combo blocks.
  • Can wall off on backside runs while showing good angles in strongside runs.
  • Young and lean with a chiseled physique and room to grow.


  • Misses with his hands way too often, which can get him off balance and make him fall of blocks in run game.
  • Will lean on his blocks instead of finishing them in pass pro.
  • Punch needs work, plays patty cake instead of maintaining hand placement.
  • Moving targets get walled off, not punished in the run game.
  • Feet are quick, but can get to narrow in pass pro.
  • Coaching staff has a ton of work to do in technique.

Final Thoughts

  • He is dominant athlete with good strength and movement skills who has terrible hands right now.
  • He has to get a better base in pass pro sets and improve his technique to take the next step, but he has the uncoachable's down already.