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2015 NFL Draft results: 1st round offensive linemen have not worked out historically for Arizona Cardinals

Arizona has used a lot of top picks on the OL, but with disappointing results.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have shown a recent commitment to upgrading the offensive line. WIth Steve Keim as general manager, the team has selected an offensive lineman in the first round in two of three years. However, it isn't as if the Cardinals have never gone this route before.

In fact, since 1970, the Cards have used a first round pick on an offensive lineman more than any other position. They have taken eight offensive linemen in the first round, seven since coming to Arizona in 1988.

The sad part is almost every single one has been a disappointment.

Are you ready for a little bit of sad history.

In 1989, the Cardinals used their second of two first round picks to select Boston College tackle Joe Wolf at No. 17. He ended up having himself a nine-year career with the Cardinals and survived five head coaches, but he was only a starter his rookie year and in 1996. He was a backup and spot starter the rest of his career.

In 1993, again using the second of two first round picks, the Cardinals drafted South Carolina tackle Ernest Dye at No. 18. He was with the Cardinals for four seasons, but started only 23 games, appearing in all 16 only once. He couldn't stay healthy.

In 1999, the Cardinals drafted tackle L.J. Shelton in the first round, again using the second of two first round picks. He was the 21st pick overall. You can say he was a success. He started 127 games at left tackle over six years. he wasn't anything special, but he wasn't awful.

In 2001, Arizona took Leonard Davis with the second overall pick. He was a huge disappointment, considered one of the biggest busts the Cardinals have drafted. He started as a pretty good guard, but when forced to play left tackle, which was where he was drafted to play, he was bad. Arizona couldn't wait to let him go after his contract was up. Of course, he signed with the Cowboys as a free agent, was moved to guard and was a three-time Pro Bowler and one-time All-Pro.

In 2006, they took Levi Brown with the fifth pick overall. He started a ton of games for Arizona -- 79 over five seasons -- but was the face of disappointment for Cardinals fans. He was the most criticized player during his time here because he was a poor pass protector. He is considered a bust and everyone was glad to see him traded in 2013.

Jonathan Cooper was drafted seventh overall in 2013. He missed his  entire rookie season when he broke his leg in the preseason and then couldn't crack the starting lineup in 2014 because of injuries and inconsistency. There are big expectations for him in 2015, but the team is moving him from left guard to right guard after signing free agent Mike Iupati to a huge contract to play left guard.

In 2015, it is Humphries. He will compete with Bobby Massie to start at right tackle. Can he go against history and pan out?