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DeflateGate: What do the fans say?

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Discuss the topic as an afternoon open thread.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I have avoided it here long enough -- it is time to bring up Tom Brady, the New England Patriots and underinflated footballs.

The Wells Report found it is more probable than not that there was wrongdoing and Tom Brady generally knew of the situation.

Rich Hill from SB Nation's Pats Pulpit wrote a great piece on where the report is flawed here.

Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson believes Brady disrespected the game.

The star QB is expected to receive a suspension of some sort, with an announcement perhaps coming this coming week.

Even Vegas has set the over/under for the number of games Brady will be suspended at 3.5 games.

Now the debate is for you to have -- what do you ultimately think about the whole Deflategate issue? Does it matter? Are the Pats part of a big league sting operation? Should the league discipline the team or Brady despite anything concrete other that "it is more probable than not that it happened?" Or do you think Brady and the Pats are a bunch of cheaters and should be suspended?

Discuss it in this afternoon thread.