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Jonathan Cooper reportedly looking healthy, mobile on field

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Hopefully he can stay healthy.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In an offseason that appears to be crucial to the progress and development of third year guard and former seventh overall pick Jonathan Cooper, it appears things are headed in the right direction. Cooper is reportedly looking healthy again after battling injuries over his first two years in the NFL.

On Sunday, local radio host and reporter Mike Jurecki tweeted Cooper looks healthy and is moving around "quite well" in offseason workouts at right guard.

Last offseason, coming off a broken leg his rookie year, he did not move well, had a noticeable limp and dragged that leg around.

Cooper has had an unlucky start to his NFL career. He broke his leg in his first preseason game. A year later in the preseason, he suffered turf toe. Between that injury and inconsistent play, he did not see the field on offense until Paul Fanaika injured his ankle. Cooper player relatively well, but then broke his wrist.

Cooper was drafted to be the future at left guard. This offseason they signed Mike Iupati to a five-year contract., who will now man left guard, moving Cooper to the right side.

The news of Cooper's health is great to hear. He was drafted so highly because the Cardinals loved his athleticism. He did not look nearly so athletic last year. If the ability to move is back and he can avoid another injury, hopefully he can show all the promise he entered the league with, only performing at a high level on the right side of the line instead of the left.