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Arizona Cardinals might practice in West Virginia in October

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There is an NFL-quality facility there.

Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have back-to-back East Coast road games in October -- the 11th at Detroit and the 18th at Pittsburgh. The plan has been to remain on the East Coast between those games to practice and avoid the long cross-country travel.

According to a report by Pro Football Talk citing league sources, Arizona is considering practicing the week leading up to their game against the Steelers in a facility in West Virginia.

The Greenbrier (a resort in West Virginia) built an NFL-quality facility for the New Orleans Saints to use for their training camp. Wit the facility otherwise unoccupied during the season, it could be a place where teams can stay when they have consecutive road games back east.

Yes, it is still traveling, but the trip from West Virginia to Pittsburgh is a short one, as West Virginia and Pennsylvania are neighboring states.

It sounds like a great move by the Greenbrier, as it can draw business from the NFL. In terms of what it means for the Cardinals, they were going to stay out east anyway and practice. It doesn't really matter where as long as they can practice. The one thing this site offers that universities in the area cannot (and that is where the team would probably have looked for a place to practice) is there will be no scheduling conflict with the college football team.

Sounds like a good idea.