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Arizona Cardinals have four draft picks under contract, one more very soon

Remember the days when this was an arduous process?

AZ Cardinals

It almost can't really be considered news anymore because of the way rookie contracts work, but the Arizona Cardinals have four of their recent draft picks under contract and a fifth who, according to conflicting reports might have signed or is very close to signing.

On Tuesday the team announced the signing of its two fifth round draft picks -- linebacker Shaq Riddick and receiver J.J. Nelson. On Wednesday, it announced the signing of fourth round pick defensive end Rodney Gunter and second round pick linebacker Markus Golden.

That would leave first round pick D.J. Humphries, third round pick David Johnson and seventh round pick Gerald Christian unsigned.

However, there are conflicting reports on Christian. Aaron Wilson reported Christian signed his deal and did so without an agent. But team reporter Darren Urban followed that up by reporting Christian had not actually signed his deal, so perhaps Christian and the Cardinals have already come to terms.

As for Humphries and Johnson, I wouldn't worry. Those announcements are undoubtedly coming soon. 2014 first round pick Deone Bucannon signed his contract on June 5 last year.