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5/15 Arizona Cardinals news: Woodley isn't done with football

Your daily news update of the Cardinals and NFL.

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Story Not Over For LaMarr Woodley
Veteran linebacker tries to "re-introduce" himself after injury-shortened season with Raiders

Cardinals Blogs | Dansby mentions Cards in Patriots debate
According to Dansby, the Pats have a "win at all costs" organizational mindset.

With Rodney Gunter, Arizona Cardinals prove you can find talent anywhere
D-line coach Buckner had quite the journey to workout Gunter. Arizona Cardinals have four of top 100 impact rookies for 2015
Humphries, Nelson, Johnson and..Christian?!

Which rookie free agents make Cardinals? Signing bonuses a clue
BYU linebacker Alani Fua received highest bonus among Arizona Cardinals rookie free agents.


The Patriots created a DeflateGate truther blog -
The Patriots came back HARD against the Well Report on Thursday, revealing a blog that attempts to dismantle any argument that they absolutely deflated balls on purpose before the AFC Championship.

The Onside Kick Family Hour: Which NFL teams are winning the offseason? -
Stephen White, Danny Kelly and Ryan Van Bibber go division by division and pick the NFL's most improved teams. There's also some DeflateGate talk, if that's your thing.

5 bad teams that could make the NFL playoffs in 2015 -
Lousy teams don't have to stay lousy forever. These sub-.500 teams could be very good, starting this season.

We fact-checked the Patriots' pee alibi with an actual urologist -
Let's get to the bottom of this with expert opinion AND some personal experimentation.

A closer look at the NFL's proposed changes to extra points and 2-point conversions -
The NFL is considering multiple changes to the way extra points and two-point conversions work.

2015 NFL power rankings: Seahawks stay on top; 49ers drop after the draft -
The Seahawks and Patriots could be on a collision course for a Super Bowl rematch, according to the post-draft power rankings.