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A 'very bright' David Johnson 'can do anything,' will quickly find a role

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The third round pick is getting a bit of offseason buzz.

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David Purdy/Getty Images

I have been unashamed about how excited I am about the Arizona Cardinals and their drafting of running back David Johnson. The buzz about him steadily grows.

Head coach Bruce Arians is impressed with his versatility offensively, which is one of the big reasons why the Cardinals drafted him.

Johnson is "very, very bright," said Arians (via AZCentral).

"The kid can do anything as far as a wide receiver, running back, fullback," continued Arians. "He will find a niche quick because he can learn so much."

Johnson is also in the mix in the kick return game, where he was also a standout player while at Northern Iowa.

If everything is true about the rookie running back, he will push for playing time, which is good. Andre Ellington was not the same player he was in 2014 when he carried the full offensive load. Yes, he was hampered by injury, but he thrived in 2013 when he had a guy taking some carries away. Johnson can be that guy.

Johnson is big, he is fast and is versatile. He is also hard-working and is learning very quickly. It would not be surprising if he is the most impactful rookie of 2015 for Arizona. It would also be fitting -- as a third round pick, that seems to be the norm for the Cardinals with Steve Keim in charge.