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Steve Keim: D.J. Humphries probably would have been Top-5 2016 pick

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The Cardinals feel fortunate to have gotten him with the 24th pick of the draft.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals believe they got a special player in offensive tackle D.J. Humphries. He was not the player they anticipated drafting, though.

Cardinals general manager Steve Keim was a guest on the Big Red Rage after the draft was over and he did not think Humphries would be available.

"Going through our mock drafts, we didn't anticipate that," he said.

It has been said that the Cardinals were targeting pass rusher Bud Dupree and they were very disappointed when he was taken by the Pittsburgh Steelers before the Cardinals could draft him. But the team's patience paid off and they stood pat, landing Humphries.

Humphries ended up being a surprise underclassman to declare. He was told by the draft advisory board to go back to school. He believed in himself and it paid off. The Cardinals see great potential in him.

"With his skillset, I truly believe if went back to school he'd probably be a top-five pick," Keim said.

That says a couple of things. One is he is still raw and has room to develop. He wasn't even the best college version of himself. The other is that the Cardinals see immense talent.

And even getting him a year early, Keim said, "we still consider him to be one of the best tackles in this draft class, from a skillset standpoint."

Humphries needs to work on technique to become a dominant NFL player.

What will be a fun position battle to watch in the offseason is the starting right tackle position between Humphries and Bobby Massie. Will the talent the team sees in their first round pick shine through, or will he have to season for a year on the bench and take over in 2016 after Massie is a free agent?