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'I potentially could be the next JJ Watt;' Rodney Gunter takes tougher road to NFL

He brings versatility and potential to the Cardinals defensive line.

AZ Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals made another surprise pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. They grabbed Delware State defensive lineman Rodney Gunter, a guy none of the local media knew anything about.

After talking to him on a conference call, we know he had a tough road to the NFL and he is a confident guy.

When asked what he brings to the Cardinals, he touted his versatility and then proclaimed, "I could potentially be the next J.J. Watt."

Of course, he was quick to point out it was all about potential, rather than a bold statement of ability.

He was told by the Cardinals he could play outside rush on the defensive line on first and second down (in base packages) and then "playing inside, pushing the pocket" in sub packages.

The reason most don't know much about him is he played at Delaware State. It was the only school that offered him a scholarship. That was likely due to only playing one year of high school football.

"I played one year of high school because I had to help me mom out," he told reporters on the conference call. She was a single parent struggling and I was the oldest out of three boys. I had to get a job -- I was a dishwasher, a waiter. I had to make ends meet. I eventually played my senior year of high school. I love the game so much and it was killing me that I was not playing football."

Gunter feels he ins mature-- "mentally older" than his actual age -- and the chip on his shoulder will drive him. "I'm coming in with the midset of a free agent trying to make the roster," he said.

We don't know exactly what he will bring to the table outside of the reported athleticism he has. But his story is one to root for -- hard-working kid who had to sacrifice football to help the family, who had to go to a smaller school and gets noticed by the NFL. I think we can all root for that.