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2015 NFL Draft results: Arizona Cardinals 'felt like home' for JJ Nelson

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The new returner probably would have joined the Cardinals even if he went undrafted.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals added more elite speed to their team with the addition of J.J. Nelson, whom they drafted with the second of their two consecutive fifth round picks. It looks like a perfect fit.

"I actually took a visit out there (to Arizona) a few weeks ago," he said, when asked if he knew the Cardinals were interested in him. "Once I got there, it felt like home."

He told reporters he "just felt like I wanted to be here, even if I was an undrafted free agent."

"Everything just felt like a family atmosphere."

The Cardinals got the fastest player in the draft. Nelson ran a 4.28-second 40-yard dash. He'll tell you he is faster. "It was 4.28, but I know I can get way lower than 4.28."

Nelson is likely to be the team's return specialist. He averaged over 38 yards per kick return  in 2014 for UAB and scored four touchdowns. Beyond that, we will have to wait and see.

He sees himself not only as a returner, but also a receiver, "because with my speed, I have the ability to go out and blow the top off of the defense." While he has things to "clean up," he thinks he can "compete for a wide receiver job as well as a special teams guy."

A major concern is his build. He is 5-10, but only 156 pounds. John Brown, who was drafted by the Cardinals a year ago, is a smaller guy at receiver. He weighed 179 entering the draft.

He will try to add weight, ideally getting up to 170-175 pounds before the start of the season. While he thinks gaining weight will help him, he said he can have a "pretty good long career in the NFL" if he is smart about protecting his body and working hard in the training room.

He compares himself to John Brown and DeSean Jackson, but also said "pretty much all the explosive guys in the NFL."

"They go out there every day undersized, but they don't let any of that matter," he explained. "They go out and do what they have to do and help their team be successful."

If he can stay healthy and has opportunities to showcase his straight-line speed, there could be some breathtaking plays coming in 2015.