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Arizona Cardinals OTAs: "Wide open" QB competition for 3rd spot on roster

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This really isn't a big deal, except for the fact Logan Thomas was Bruce Arians' hand-picked QB choice in last year's draft.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a bit of a big deal among fans and also around the NFL, but the Arizona Cardinals have declared an open competition for the QB3 spot on the roster.

According to head coach Bruce Arians, the competition is "wide open" between Logan Thomas, Chandler Harnish and undrafted rookie Phillip Sims.

But this is nothing new. QB3 is almost always an open competition. It just seems strange because Thomas was the Cardinals' fourth round draft pick last year and a guy they believed has a chance to become a franchise quarterback.

But let's think back. Even when he was drafted last year, Arians was insistent Thomas had to compete and beat out Ryan Lindley to make the roster, which he did.

Just because the job is wide open doesn't mean the team isn't happy with Thomas. That could be the case, but it is all part of his development. If he is to turn out to be the QB they hope he can be, he has to be a competitor.

Thomas was Arians' hand-picked QB prospect a year ago. Harnish was drafted by the Colts while Arians was offensive coordinator. Sims has impressed Arians thus far with his arm and his ability to learn the offense.

But let's keep things in perspective. Ryan Lindley also impressed both Arians and Ken Whisenhunt with his arm and his ability to learn the offense. That is no guarantee of being good on the field on Sundays.

At almost every single backup position there is a wide open competition. Why would that be any different at quarterback? If Logan Thomas is anything close to the QB the team believes he can be, competition isn't any big thing.

Maybe the Cardinals believe a little less in Thomas than before. But it might just be a normal football move. Until Harnish or Sims is taking reps away from Thomas, I'm not getting worked up about it.