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Arizona Cardinals given B- for offseason grade by ESPN Insiders

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They did well, but not great.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency is all but done. The NFL Draft as come and gone. That means it is time to grade the offseason for NFL teams. That's what the Internet believes, at least. ESPN' Mike Sando got together with a group of analysts from the network to grade all 32 NFL teams. The panel included Bill Polian, Louis Riddick, Matt Williamson and Field Yates.

They gave the Arizona Cardinals a B-.

Analysis: Contract extensions for general manager Steve Keim and coach Bruce Arians affirmed the value continuity plays when an organization has the right people in place. Bowles' departure is one potential concern, although Polian thought Arizona did well promoting outside linebackers coach James Bettcher, who has not been an NFL coordinator previously.

"I think he is outstanding," Polian said.

Arizona, like Kansas City, scored in the B range across the board. Yates lauded the Cardinals for finding a way to resolve Fitzgerald's contract, avoiding an ugly divorce with a franchise icon. Williamson said he thought Arizona's offensive line might be a strength for the first time in recent memory. He also thinks offensive improvement will be essential to overcome defensive concerns.

"I'd give them a B-plus on offense and a C-minus on defense," Williamson said.

Riddick used the word "pointless" to describe Woodley's signing. He loved the decision to draft Golden in the second round. He had concerns about long-term health issues for Humphries, the first-rounder.

"Overall, I would give them a B-minus when you factor in re-signing Keim and Arians," Riddick said. "Continuity is huge. That pays bigger dividends than people realize. When people have security and know an organization is committed to them, you get even more production than you thought you would."

Arizona did do some mice things and has had key losses. The loss of Todd Bowles can't be quantified yet and new DC James Bettcher is an unknown quantity on the field so far.

Antonio Cromartie is a big loss.

But, as was mentioned by the ESPN guys, they resolved the Larry Fitzgerald contract. They extended the GM and coach. They also upgraded the offensive line and added a running back. They got deeper on the defensive line and more athletic at linebacker.

A B- is a respectable grade. It is good, but not flashy good. It accounts for the unknowns of some of the offseason losses -- Cromartie, Bowles, Dan Williams, Darnell Dockettt -- while still recognizing the players they have picked up and the players they have retained.

Would you have graded the Arizona offseason higher or lower?