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Arizona Cardinals to the AFC West?

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With the push for a team in Los Angeles heating up, can the Cardinals be in the mix to switch conferences?

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Roger Goodell has been a staunch supporter of getting a team back to the city of Los Angeles. Likely teams include the division foe St. Louis, and AFC West teams, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers. All three teams spent some time in Los Angeles, the Chargers for only one year, Oakland 12 seasons, and the Rams for 33 years. (They maintained the Los Angeles name until 1994 despite being located in Anaheim).

There is one possible outcome that could affect the Cardinals. If both San Diego and Oakland decide they want to share a stadium, one would have to switch to the NFC. This is due to the television deals that the NFL has with NBC, Fox, and CBS. It is likely that the swap would just send either of the AFC West teams, to the NFC West.

Jason La Canfora had this to say in a recent CBS article:

Could well be the Chargers and Raiders both move in 2016. It would take two game-day facilities to do so -- sources at The Rose Bowl have continued to tell me they cannot support two teams at the same time -- and it could be both teams would use their current training facilities for practices for the first season in LA. Some in the know have speculated the Chargers, in exchange for getting the keys to LA, end up moving to the NFC, with perhaps the Cardinals going to the AFC West, which would maintain the Raiders' rivalries with the Chiefs and Broncos, for as much as that is worth.

Arizona is linked to it, simply because they are a part of the NFC West. There's not a lot of substance behind an argument for Arizona to go to the AFC West, other than it would be an easier division to play in, and Arizona could likely run away with that division.

Seattle and St. Louis make more logistical sense than Arizona.

St. Louis is closer to Kansas City and Denver than Arizona. Their only long distance travel would be to Los Angeles, a 1800 mile travel. Arizona would travel 863 miles to Denver, and 1200 miles to Kansas City, and rack up more miles annually than a lot of other teams.

Then you have Seattle. Seattle makes the most sense, primarily because they were once a part of the AFC West, albeit 13 years ago. Not only would they return to their first division, the NFC West would finally have a chance to breathe from their oppressive rule.

The 49ers have yet to be seriously linked to a move, partly because of the leagues distaste in the Raiders and 49ers rivalry, and ultimate fan injuries that occur during those games.

If I had my say, I would let St. Louis move, and make the traveling in the NFC West more compact than it is right now.

What about you? Would you be opposed to switching to the AFC?