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Daryl Washington 'not aware where he stands' with NFL reinstatement

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May 30 is the earliest it could happen.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington is eligible to be reinstated to the NFL on May 30, one year from the date he was suspended for at least one year for violations to the league's substance abuse policy. Just days away from when he could come back, his status is still unknown.

Fox Sports 910's Mike Jurecki reported Friday "Washington is not aware where he stands right now when it comes to him being reinstated."

If he is reinstated, he is still not likley going to be playing again with the Cardinals right away. He has yet to receive any punishment from the league regarding his domestic abuse arrest, to which he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault. Jurecki states Washington is likley going to face a "two to six-game ban in 2015" for the domestic incident.

We heard some time ago he was getting ready to apply for reinstatement and he also spoke with Jurecki, stating he has not failed or missed a test since his suspension and that he was "excited" about playing ball again.

Whether we should think more positively or negatively about his reinstatement status is not clear. It might be standard operating procedure to not let the player have an idea. At the same time, if he has truly followed all the steps to come back, one would think he would feel confident about it.

We will see fairly soon and then we will get to wait again for the discipline for the others. Yay!