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Larry Fitzgerald still among top NFL celebrities

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Despite playing for the Cardinals and having diminished production, the vet receiver is still a star.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals fans consider receiver Larry Fitzgerald a star. After a couple of seasons with diminished production, there is some question how much of a star he still is. However, according to Celebrity DBI rankings, he is.

This index measures how consumers perceive people in the public eye. According to Celebrity DBI rankings, Fitz holds the fifth-highest celebrity influence.

ESPN had a video spot that revealed this.

The four players above Fitz were Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, J.J. Watt and Marcus Mariota.

In fact, Mariota has the number one celebrity influence right now, if you can believe it.

You could probably say Fitz is the biggest celebrity the team has ever had. The only other player you could argue was bigger is Kurt Warner, and he didn't carry nearly as much clout when he played because most believed he was washed up by the time he landed in Arizona.

Has there ever been a bigger celebrity for the Cardinals than FItz, and how surprising is it that, even after the season s he has had, he is still as big a star as ever?

(Hat tip to Arizona Sports)