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Arizona Cardinals among teams to travel most miles in 2015

Their schedule on the East Coast puts them sixth in the league.

Michael Francis McElroy/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals will travel a lot of miles for their football games this coming season. Playing the NFC North and the AFC North will do that to a team that plays in the West. Playing in the NFC West, where the divisional games stretch from Washington to Missouri also contribute.

In fact, as noted in a CBS Sports article, taking stats from Pro Football Reference, the Cardinalswill travel more miles than all but five teams in the NFL.

Based on the location of their away games (Seattle, San Francisco, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia), the Cardinals will travel a total of 23,652 miles, with one trip being over 2000 miles to play.

The actual number of miles will actually not be that high. Arizona reportedly will stay in the East, practicing in West Virginia the week between their back-to-back road games in Detroit and Pittsburgh.

Of the five teams ahead of Arizona, all but one are West Coast teams. Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and Oakland are the four. The fifth is Miami, which will travel to London for one of their games this season.

Arizona will get their miles in. Because of the geography, it will never be completely equitable. Arizona travels over 23,000 miles, while Philadelphia will travel a total of roughly 6800 miles for their games.

Then again, Arizona has it better off. The players get to come home to Arizona instead of Philly. That's worth a lot.