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2015 NFL Draft grades: Grading the Arizona Cardinals draft, draft picks

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How would you grade the Draft for the Cardinals?

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The NFL Draft is over and the Arizona Cardinals have made their picks. Now it is time to grade their draft. I already gave some grades to the first three picks. Even though we are "grading" picks, it is more about the balance between perceived talent, team need, fit and value, rather than actual performance.

So what are my Cardinals draft grades?

D.J. Humphries: B

It was a solid, yet boring pick. He has a high upside and is expected to start over Bobby Massie, so he should have an immediate impact. There were other players on the board who perhaps could have a biggest Year 1 impact.

Markus Golden: C

While Bruce Arians and Steve Keim raved about him, he is less athletic than you want in a pass rusher. He could be great and his motor is high, but there were players on the board, especially at the position Golden plays, who seemed to be a better fit.

David Johnson: A

I love the pick. He has the size and speed the Cardinals want. He also can catch the ball extremely well and is still shifty enough that the offense doesn't have to drastically change should anything happen to Andre Ellington.

Rodney Gunter: ?

This is a pick I can't really grade. There isn't much to know about him, other than he is athletic. He is another guy Arians and Keim raved about. They gave up two picks to move up and pick him. Obviously, they see something in him.

Shaq Riddick: A

I really like this pick in terms of talent and value. He is fast and extremely quick. He gives the Cardinals a true speed rusher. I was concerned initially about his size, but having gotten up to 260 already shows he fits what the Cards like to do with their OLBs. To get someone like that in the fifth round is fantastically in terms of value, especially considering his intelligence.

J.J. Nelson: B

He s the fastest guy in the draft and he could be a dynamic returner, but the weight and frame concerns me. I can't make it an A pick because I wonder if he will be good enough to ever see the field on offense. His speed is all straight line. He doesn't change direction quickly and he has zero strength.

Gerald Christian: B

It isn't a "wow" pick. He is an athletic guy. He fills the H-back tight end role Bruce Arians wanted. As the last pick in the draft, he viably could see a little playing time and he is expected to be solid on special teams.

Overall: B

This was not really an exciting draft at all. I loved the Johnson and Riddick picks. I don't hate any of the selections. None of them really move the dial in terms of excitement. But they all have high upside. What grade would you give the Cardinals draft?