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Arizona Cardinals not among top 10 most talented rosters

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Considered a contender in 2015, the team is not considered one of the most talented.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Among the many offseason lists and rankings that are written in the NFL offseason, this one is worth discussing -- how talented is the Arizona Cardinals roster compared to the rest of the NFL?

For, Bucky Brooks wrote about the 10 teams he believes have the most talent on their rosters. The Arizona Cardinals was not on that list. The quarterback position was excluded.

He believes very talented teams have between eight and 10 "blue chip" players. These are Pro Bowl talent players. They haven't always been to the Pro Bowl.

Let's consider the Cardinals.

Who are the blue-chippers on the roster?

We would have to include Calais Campbell, Patrick Peterson, Justin Bethel, Mike Iupati, Jared Veldheer, Larry Fitzgerald and Sean Weatherspoon (if healthy). Jonathan Cooper should be on that list, but he hasn't shown anything in the league yet, despite his draft status.

That is seven, perhaps eight.

Five teams made the top 10 with less than seven players considered to be blue chip talent.

That doesn't even consider the "on the rise" players. Tyrann Mathieu fits that profile. If Cooper isn't considered blue chip, he is considered on the rise. Michael Floyd and John Brown could be in this category.

You could argue the Cardinals are at least equally as talented as the Cowboys, Chiefs, Dolphins, Packers, Eagles and Vikings.

Did Brooks snub the Cardinals, or is it too close to call?