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Do you have any Arizona/Phoenix/St. Louis Cardinals posters?

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Share pictures of the posters you might have.


Posters. Back when I was a kid, they were huge. With the help of one of the other SB Nation writers, I ran across an old classic -- Neil Lomax. It was from the golden age of sports posters. There were a ton of them here.

This one was the very good Cardinals quarterback. He was given the name the "Grand Cannon," a cheesy, yet appropriate moniker for the poster.

Lomax is just before my time as a Cardinals fan. The first games I remember as a fan were the 1989 season, after Lomax was already done.

Anyway here is the poster (via Reddit):

I don't own any Cardinals poster. What about you all? Do you have any? Tell us about them. If you so, share a picture or two.

What player posters have you collected over the years?

If player posters were done the way they were back in the 80s and 90s, what monikers woudl you give the players now? The easiest one would be Tyrann Mathieu, as he already has one -- the Honey Badger.