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Larry Fitzgerald, Carson Palmer among richest NFL athletes ever

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They have earned a lot of money from their contracts.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

NFL players make good money. But with a shorter career length than most professional sports, they many times do not make the absurd amount of money many athletes do.

There are some, though, who have made gobs of money in their NFL career. The Arizona Cardinals have two of the 10 richest NFL players of all time, in terms of NFL salary only.

In a recent BuzzHut list, the 10 richest NFL players of all time were given. Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer are number eight and number nine in salary earned over a career. (I am assuming the salary numbers used are correct)

In his career, Fitz has earned over $118 million. Palmer has earned over $117 million. Palmer also has the dubious distinction of signing two large contract extensions and then suffer season-ending knee injuries days after the contract was signed.

What does it mean that the Cardinals have two of the richest players ever? Probably nothing. It does show they have two players who have had long and successful careers. Other than that, it doesn't really say much about the Cardinals now, other than they have paid Fitz a boatload of money over his career. For the most part, he has been worth every cent.