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2015 NFL Draft grades: Who was your favorite Arizona Cardinals pick?

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Todd McShay and I agree.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Once the NFL Draft is over, then the reactions and analyses begin. There are grades and projections for next year's draft. Of course, people have their favorite and least favorite picks.

ESPN's Todd McShay gave his favorite draft pick for each team. For the Arizona Cardinals, it was third round pick, running back David Johnson.

First-round pick D.J. Humphries is an outstanding athlete at left tackle; he just needs to get stronger against power rushers. Second-rounder Markus Golden is a bit of a tweener at defensive end/outside linebacker, but he plays with a relentless motor. I'll go with Johnson here. The Cardinals needed a running back, and at this point in the third round there were many potential impact guys remaining. Johnson doesn't play as big as you'd expect for his size, but his pass-catching ability makes up for it. Northern Iowa used him as a de facto receiver at times.

Johnson is my favorite pick, too.

I like his size and speed. I like that the Cardinals don't have to change anything offensively when he is in the game. He and Andre Ellington are interchangeable, only Johnson is bigger. That keeps the playbook wide open. It also allows Bruce Arians to do fun things like have both backs in the game at the same time and have one motion out to receiver.

Johnson, though he doesn't play as a physical big back, is big enough that he will be much better in short yardage situations simply because he is bigger and thicker than Ellington.

Shaq Riddick is a close second because of his speed rushing ability.

Do you have a different favorite? Vote for yours and tell us in the comment section why.