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Arizona Cardinals draft picks have their uniform numbers

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They might not be the same once the season rolls around, but we know what to watch for in videos and in training camp.

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have given their draft class their uniform numbers. It won't matter so much for most fans for a while, as practices won't be public until training camp, but reporters will be able to know who they are watching.

Here are the new numbers:

Tackle D.J. Humphries has No. 74. That was the number Paul Fanaika wore last season. D'Anthony Batiste and Reggie Wells wore it recently, too. The good thing? He isn't wearing No. 75.

Linebacker Markus Golden wears No. 44. The 40s were just opened up to linebackers this offseason. It has been an insignificant number in recent history.

Running back David Johnson wears No. 31. That was worn last season by Antonio Cromartie.

Defensive end Rodney Gunter wears No. 95. That was Tommy Kelly's number last sason.

Linebacker  Shaq Riddick wears No. 47. Again, it is a new number  for linebackers. Don't think he's Aaron Francisco or anything.

Receiver/returner J.J. Nelson will wear no. 19. Oh no! That is what Ted Ginn wore. Hopefully he plays better than Ginn.

Mr. Irrelevant, tight end Gerald Christian, will wear No. 83.

In other roster information, the moves are official -- Matt Shaughnessy is now listed at defensive end and Kareem Martin is listed at outside linebacker.

Something I found a little bit interesting is Anthony Steen, listed last season as a G/C, is only listed as a guard. I guess he will not be getting any real reps at center for now. Both Ted Larsen and A.Q. Shipley are listed as C/G.