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2015 NFL Draft grades: Pete Prisco gives Arizona Cardinals high grade

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He gives Arizona an A.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Mel Kiper was not completely sold on the Arizona Cardinals 2015 draft class, giving them a C+. But another well-known media type likes what the Cardinals did much more.

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco gave the Cardinals an A.

His favorite pick was third round running back David Johnson, who he says "will compete right away to start and gives them a little more toughness in the backfield."

He calls fifth rounder Shaq Riddick a Day 3 gem.

His most questionable  pick was second rounder Markus Golden, but even then he was complimentary in saying "he might be more solid than special." Solid is good, right?

They wanted to get a top-level offensive lineman, and they did that by drafting D.J. Humphries in the first round. Golden was a little high, but he has talent. I love the pick of Johnson. Another good haul.

Obviously we won't know how good this draft was for a few seasons, but it looks like there is the real potential for two or three (Humphries, Johnson and J.J. Nelson) to have a real impact in 2015.