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2015 NFL Draft grades: Evan Silva gives Arizona Cardinals a D for draft

Someone didn't like what the Cardinals did.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals did make some surprising selections in the 2015 NFL Draft. They certainly did it the way they wanted to, but not everyone was that pleased. While Pete Prisco gave the Cardinals and A an Mel Kiper gave them a C+. However, RotoWorld's Evan Silva did not really like the Cardinals draft at all.

He gave them a D for their draft work.

Overview: GM Steve Keim has done an outstanding job of turning the Cardinals into an annually competitive team, and coach Bruce Arians has shown a propensity for maximizing his roster. Cardinals brass deserves a lot of respect. I did not like their 2015 draft. Perhaps the biggest head scratcher was a day-three trade that cost Arizona pick Nos. 123, 198, and 241 in exchange for No. 116, where Keim selected small-school project Gunter. Humphries is an excellent prospect with a questionable fit at right tackle in Arizona. Golden produced in college, but lacks the athletic ability required to become an impact NFL pass rusher. Johnson is the opposite, offering elite measurables but sub-baseline running ability. He projects best to H-back in the pros. Nelson is a kick returner only. Riddick and Christian were the only Cardinals draft picks I liked. Arizona failed to fill its needs at running back, nose tackle, and cornerback.

He interestingly does not believe that drafting David Johnson was a move to address the need at running back. Also interesting is the fact he likes Riddick and Christian the most. Riddick I get. Ge has a high ceiling in terms of pass rushing ability. Christian could contribute, but he isn't going to be a world beater. He might be this year's Robert Hughes.

The criticism that the Cardinals didn't address their needs at nose tackle and cornerback is odd. They have an okay top of the depth chart at cornerback. Any rookie was not likely to play anyway. And nose tackle? A concern, but they do have guys on the roster to fill the role. He should have been more concerned about inside linebacker.

Where does Silva get it wrong? Where is he right? Fire away in the comments.