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NFL Top 100 2015: Calais Campbell finally makes list after Pro Bowl season

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He sneaks in at No. 99.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell made it to his first ever Pro Bowl this past season. Now he is being recognized by his peers. NFL Network has begun again to count down the NFL's top 100 players, according to the players and Campbell finally found himself on that list, coming in at No. 99.

His video feature can be found on the the Arizona Cardinals team page.

Teammate Tyrann Mathieu speaks, Cowboys offensive lineman Ryan Miller talks about him and so does Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho, the brother of former teammate Sam Acho.

Campbell himself spoke of the interception he had of Peyton Manning in 2014 as "a dream come true" and then called being tackled by Manning before he could score a touchdown "was the worst nightmare you could experience."

Mathieu said, "We hate being in coverage for more than three or four seconds. Calais is great for our defense. You always smile when you see a front lineman get to the quarterback."

Miller said Campbell "is an unsung hero on the field."

"Calais can be a guy that can be a game changer and he can make you look really bad," he said.

Miller mentioned how "lanky" Campbell is.

Emmanuel Acho also noted how "extremely tall" Campbell is at 6-8 and said he has "a 30-foot wingspan" jokingly. He also said Campbell does everything "passionately, whether that's greeting you before the game or chasing a running back."

Cardinals fans are aware of how great he is. It seems like every single year people say he is the best defensive end not named J.J. Watt, yet he doesn't get many accolades. With a Pro Bowl under his belt and now a Top 100 appearance, perhaps he will start to get more love.