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NFL rookie mini-camp: Quick observations from Arizona Cardinals rookie practice

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It's not the most exciting practice, but here are some observations.

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Rookie mini-camp began on Friday for the Arizona Cardinals and it was the one day the media had access to practice, the players and head coach Bruce Arians. I wasn't there for the entirety of practice (my day job and all), but I did get to see some and was part of the post-practice interview with Bruce Arians. It rained, but I missed it. By the time I got there, it was clear skies.

First of all, Adrian Wilson was present and was working with the defensive backs. Here's the proof:

At #azcardinals Rookie camp, Adrian Wilson is on hand.

A photo posted by Jess Root (@senorroot) on

Tryout quarterback Taylor Kelly, from Arizona State, wore No. 16, which of course is the number that Jake Plummer wore, who was a starter for both Arizona State and the Arizona Cardinals. Bruce Arians said Kelly even reminded him a little of Plummer. He threw the ball decently.

The other tryout QB, Phillip Sims, has a cannon. He showed it off in practice.

Arians said he might considering keeping one of them as a fifth QB to throw to the rookies on the second field during OTAs, especially since the reps will be available, as Carson Palmer will be limited.

Kelly was described as "frail" by Arians, who also said that Plummer also was frail, meaning they are a thinner body type.

Arians specifically named cornerback Jimmy Legree as a guy who stood out in practice. He also said tall, lanky tight end Ifeanyi Momah also has looked really good. Arians only referred to him as "Moe," and joked he might never be able to say his name correctly (the correct pronunciation is ee-FAH-nee MOE-mah).

Fifth round pick J.J. Nelson showed off some catching ability.

David Johnson looked good catching the ball and running with it after the catch.

Shaq Riddick is tall!

That's about it. I spoke to Legree and got audio from Arians, Kelly, Nelson and Riddick. I'll have more stories on those later (I hope).