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Bruce Arians might have to learn Ifeanyi Momah's name

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The tight end has impressed thus far.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals added former receiver and now tight end Ifeanyi Momah to the team after seeing him at the NFL Veteran Combine. As you can see, the name is a tough one to pronounce just by looking at it.

Apparently, he is going to make head coach Bruce Arians have to learn his name.

The tight end situation became a little more interesting with the retirement of John Carlson. When asked on Friday if he was at all concerned about the youth of the players at the position, Arians said, "no, not at all. I like the guys we have."

In particular, he made mention of Momah.

"I can't say Moe's real name, but he's been real impressive the first week and a half," he said. "I'm going to have to learn his name pretty soon because he's been impressing me. I think its e-FAHN-yay, but I'm not sure."

It is actually e-FAH-nee, according to the press release the Cardinals sent out when he was signed.

Momah is 6-7 and 248 pounds and he still looks super skinny. As a Philadelphia Eagle, he was a 230-pound receiver. His skillset as a receiver is what could be a good replacement for Carlson, who is known as a very good receiving tight end, even though he did struggle with making catches a year ago.

Carlson ended up being used in three-wide sets on passing downs. If Momah continues to impress the coaching staff, it won't just be Arians who will have to learn his name. Perhaps all of us will.