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Is Larry Fitzgerald still Larry Fitzgerald? A debate on NFL Network

What do you think?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals receiver wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald was again among the NFL Top 100 players, only this year he fell to No. 68 overall. This prompted a debate on NFL Network after the revealing of players 70-61 as to whether Fitz is the same player he once was.

The conversation was between former NFL players Eric Davis and Terrell Davis, as well as current Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner.

Eric Davis said "because of some of the quarterbacks he's played with lately" he has fallen on the list, where he was once seventh overall.

Terrell Davis, though, recognized some of the decline. "He is not the explosive receiver he used to be," he explained. "He was an elite receiver. Taking a few steps back does not take a lot from him, but he is not the Larry Fitzgerald of , say, two or three years ago."

Eric Davis, to make his point, turned to Wagner, whose defense faces the Cardinals twice a year. Wagner said "I think he is" still the player he used to be, and noted how "it's hard to get a rhythm" when many different guys are throwing the ball to a player. "He's still an elite player," he said.

"He's still a player you have to game plan against," Wagner continued, "If he was a player who didn't have any respect, we would just 'X' him out on the sheet, but he's somebody we game plan for. We have to know where he's at because we know that he could make some plays if we don't watch him."

It is true. We aren't sure if we have seen the best of Fitz recently because  of injuries and unsteadiness at the quarterback position. This is why we continue to have this debate.

Are the years of 1200 yards or more gone for Fitz? Is he fading in his skills? What do you think?