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Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton didn't throw many short passes

Pro Football Focus continues the focus on QBs.

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We know the Arizona Cardinals offense is highlighted by the desire head coach Bruce Arians  has that his quarterbacks push the ball down the field and throw longer passes for bigger plays.

So one would think the short pass is not one of the more important passes in the offense. The numbers would agree with you. As Pro Football Focus continues its focus on QBs, it looked at how passers did with short passes.

It turns out both Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton were two of the three lowest short passers. Quarterbacks across the league throw short passes -- throws between 1-10 yards from the line of scrimmage -- almost half the time. Tom Brady throws short passes the most -- on over 58 percent of his passes.

Palmer did so 43 percent of the time and Stanton did less than 42 percent of the time. Only Nick Foles threw a lower rate of short passes who had at least 200 pass attempts.

Interestingly enough, Both threw short passes a little more than the Cardinals did in 2013, when Carson Palmer was the only quarterback to play. Palmer threw a little more than 40 percent of his passes between 1-10 yards from scrimmage.

We can see the Arians philosophy is hard at work.