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2015 NFL Countdown: The History of Arizona Cardinals Jersey Number 95

Many players that have worn today's jersey were here and gone. With 95 days left 'til kickoff, let's see how many of these guys you remember that wore No. 95. Good luck!

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

As we've learned in previous episodes, there haven't been many players that have worn numbers in the 90's for the Cardinals in a history that spans back to the end of the nineteenth century.  So another short-story today even though today's No. 95 leads the pack in the number of players wearing any of the 90's jersey numbers.

There's a very good reason (or very bad reason rather) for so many No. 95's because eight of the twelve players to have worn the number have been 'One-Hit-Wonders' — players who were on the team for only one season (or less) then vanished.

But let's begin with the exceptions and with the only player of note by the name of Jamir Miller (1994-1998).   Drafted in the 1st round (10th pick) of Buddy Ryan's first year in the desert, Miller (pictured abvove) had three excellent seasons (for the Cleveland Browns) after putting in five years of hard training in Flagstaff.  Not that he played poorly in Arizona, it's just the 13 1/2 sacks in 5 years in the desert compared to 22 1/2 sacks in 3 years with the Browns ...

The other three that stuck around for more than one season but made little impact are Tom Burke (2000-2002), Ali Highsmith (2008-2009) and Ricky Lumpkin (2012-2013).  Remember them?

Now for the 'One-Hit-Wonders'  (drum roll please)

Sean McNanie 1988 (first Cardinal to ever wear a 90's number in Arizona)
Bob Buczkowski 1989
Dick Chapura 1990
Derrick Ransom 2003
Jonathan Lewis 2006
Bo Schobel 2007
Pago Togafau 2011
Tommy Kelly 2014

All seriousness aside, it's time for No. 95 to step up, which brings us to ...

Rodney Gunter who seems a bit old for a rookie if you believe this profile. Nonetheless, the Cardinals hope that Mr. Gunter becomes anything but a 'One-Hit-Wonder'.  His story reads like a movie script and the Cardinals hope it has a happy ending.

Jess Root (who knows something about rooting) tells us why we should root for Rodney to be the player to finally claim the BIG NINE-FIVE for himself (his college number by the way) in this excellent article.  I know I'm rooting for the kid.

As usual, please join in the discussions about our players of the day (that's what this is all about after all).

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