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Carson Palmer's contract not one of best for QBs in the NFL

But it is mostly because of his age and his knee surgery.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterbacks make a lot of money. Their contracts can end up being albatrosses for teams if they don't work out. But they are the most important position on the team.

ESPN's Mike Sando ranked the QB contracts from first to worst and the Carson Palmer contract is not found near the top.

His contract is considered in the bottom half -- 17th in the league.

Contract ranks: 14th APY, 17th true guarantee, 16th three-year AP

Three-year Total QBR: 52.6 (21st)

Palmer's deal ranks this low from a team standpoint primarily because he is an older player coming off reconstructive knee surgery. Can he hold up? If he does, will he move well enough within the pocket to perform at a level high enough to justify his price?

His contract is just below Andy Dalton's and just ahead of Jay Cutler's.

Of course, we know what Palmer is capable of, as the team ended 11-5, but was still before he had to have his ACL repaired again.

How would you rate Palmer's contract compared with others?