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2015 NFL Countdown: The History of Arizona Cardinals Jersey Number 94

One day closer to the season as we look back at those players who have worn jersey No. 94 for the Cardinals before we vote on our favorite from a list of great names

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

We're getting nearer the 80's (jersey numbers that is) when we will see many more players than we've seen in the 90's (jersey numbers that is).  In the meantime, another small batch of defensive players (down linemen and linebackers as always) that does include at least one very good player that wore No. 94 for the Cardinals.

Bernard Wilson (1994-1998) spent five years in the desert, arriving (from Tampa Bay) part way through Buddy Ryan's first regular season as the Cardinals new head coach.  Unlike 'There's a winner in town' Ryan, Wilson stuck for more than two years and was a very good player for the Big Red.

Although not what would be considered a sack specialist, Bernard (pictured above) recorded 126 tackles, sixty-six assists and a sixty-six yard pick-six.  You have to wonder if he shouldn't have worn No. 66.

Jeff Faulkner (1991-1992) was the first to wear No. 94 for the Phoenix Cardinals, and Corey Sears (1999-2000) spent two uneventful seasons with the Arizona Cardinals.  Not to be outdone, after spending 3 uneventful years in the desert (2001-2003), Marcus Bell then spent 3 uneventful years in Detroit.

Antonio Smith (2004-2008) was a popular player who started 62 games at defensive end, recording 14 1/2 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and a touchdown during his 5 regular seasons with the Cardinals.  Antonio also delivered two sacks and a forced fumble in Arizona's 2008 postseason run wearing No. 94 after spending the better part of his first two years on the bench wearing No. 67.

There have been four players that spent a year or less with the team that have worn No. 94 and it's too bad Peppi Zellner (2004) didn't make an impact because I would have loved to have heard his name called over and over again.

Gary Dulin (1986) would be part of an answer to a trivia quiz as being one of only three players who ever wore a jersey number in the 90's for the St. Louis Football Cardinals.  Amazingly enough all three were in that same year and were One-Hit-Wonders.

The other two with interesting names that wore No. 94 for one season in Arizona are Antonio Cochran (2005) and Keilen Dykes (2009).

Another great name, Sam Acho (thought by some to be the inspiration to a certain Village People song oh wait, never mind), played 5 seasons for the Cardinals with 13 sacks and 99 tackles on his permanent record. We can be thankful we didn't have to pronounce Sam's middle name — Onyedikachi — every time he forced a fumble (seven times).

Which brings us to the player that currently dons the practice jersey with the BIG NINE-FOUR for the Cardinals (which is always subject to change of course).  Drum roll please ...

Zack Wagenmann (no photo available).  And since there's no photo available for Zack 'The Sack' here's what we'll be doing in such cases to wish good luck to a rookie  a picture of the Cardinals logo.

Please help us fill in the gaps and don't forget to vote on who you think wore No. 94 best.

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