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Arizona Cardinals mini-camp closes early and the 6-week wait until training camp begins

The long wait until football begins.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals had a practice scheduled a third and final practice for mandatory mini-camp. They won't be using it. After Wednesday's practice, he called it off, citing how good a spring the team has had. He called Wednesday's practice "an outstanding day, a really spirited practice" and said the team "got a ton of reps again." Tuesday's practice had moved quickly enough that they were able to get in roughly 30 extra reps.

"We've accomplished everything we've set out to accomplish this spring to have us ready at camp, and we'll keep everybody healthy and ready to go and throw the guys a bone because they have shown up," Arians said to reporters after practice. "They have worked. We have had great attendance and great effort this entire spring."

Of course, Tuesday and Wednesday were required for all players. Before then, it was not. Arians rewarded the players for their dedication all spring.

He said Thursday's practice would have only been about a half hour and Chandler Catanzaro would have been given the opportunity to kick a field goal to end it. Arians joked he didn't want to put that on Catanzaro after having missed his red zone field goal attempt on Wednesday.

He also didn't want to take the chance of having a player get hurt. No serious injuries occurred during the spring, but several players have suffered minor ones. "I think we have taken enough chances," he said. "As hard as we have practiced, we don't really need it."

Now, there are six weeks until training camp and the players get their time off.

The actual start of camp has not been announced, but based on when the team's first preseason game is, it should start on Friday, July 31 for the conditioning test.

When asked what message Arians left for the players as they concluded their final full practice, he said he was confident the players would come back in shape, but indicated he did have a warning for his players. "The big thing is don't be a distraction," he said.

Arizona has dealt with some distractions. Last offseason, there was John Abraham's DUI in Atlanta and entry into rehab, which kept him out of most of training camp. They have dealt with Daryl Washington issues.

Arians doesn't want that this year, especially with the expectations he has for this season.

"During that time, don't cost the team anything. Don't be that guy."