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2015 NFL Countdown: The History of Arizona Cardinals Jersey Number 93

A day closer to kickoff as we take a look at those who have worn jersey No. 93 for the Cardinals. Turns out there are some very good players that have adorned the BIG NINE-THREE.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Even though it's only a small group of players that have ever worn No. 93 for the Cardinals over the years (at least the ones we know about since the 1950's), among the nine players (all defenders of course) there are standouts and a player making claim as the all-time BIG NINETY-THREE.

Let's continue our countdown to the regular season by remembering players who have worn today's number keeping in mind that we're leaving plenty of space open for you guys to fill in the gaps with your memories, facts and even pictures of these honorees.

Starting with Freddie Gilbert (1989) and Sidney Coleman (1991) who are two One-Hit-Wonders (played here for a year or less) that I only recall the names of but nothing else other than they were Phoenix Cardinals.  Perhaps the reason I remember nothing else is because when you total their stats together it still comes out to 0 tackles and 0 sacks.

Reuben Davis (1992-1993) spent the better part of two seasons in Phoenix himself, between stints with the Buccaneers and the Chargers.  Reuben recorded 3 sacks and 66 tackles for the Cardinals before moving on.

Karl Dunbar (1994-1995) was around long enough to tackle an opponent with the football 24 times for the brand new Arizona Cardinals, after which he moved on too — into retirement.

Mark Smith (1997-2000) was a favorite of mine.  A very solid interior lineman who when playing next to Eric Swann (98) were a force up the middle for a very good (and what could have been a potentially great) defensive line for the Big Red.  Unfortunately, Smith missed much time due to injuries and only started 24 games in four seasons in Arizona, but still managed to rack up 18 sacks and 108 tackles.

Another popular player, Kyle Vanden Bosch (2001-2004), was a rough-tough defensive end chosen by the Cardinals in the 2nd round of the 2001 draft, whose last of three seasons with the team ended with a serious injury followed by his departure.  Kyle (pictured above) showed that he wasn't quite washed up after all and recorded 54 sacks and 273 tackles elsewhere (Tennessee and Detroit).

Tim Bulman (2005) and Chris Cooper (2006-2007) made brief appearances and little impact in the desert with a combined 2 sacks and 27 tackles wearing No. 93.

Which brings us to present day and the big man that wears the BIG NINE-THREE

Calais Campbell, drafted in the 2nd round of the 2008 draft (50th pick) has been to the Big Show (Super Bowl XLIII) and wants to go again.

A very popular player with the fans and in the locker room too, Calais goes into his eighth season with the Cardinals with an impressive 43 1/2 sacks and 293 tackles already on his permanent record.  Throw in 6 forced fumbles, 2 interceptions, countless blocked kicks, a safety and even two kickoff returns and what else is there to do but win a Humanitarian Award in your spare time (among other honors).

Several great players today but this one would seem a slam-dunk for who's worn No. 93 best.  But after making it official with your vote please join in on reminiscing about all these Cardinals (past and present).

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