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Deone Bucannon 'just want(s) to be on the field'

The second year player will start, but doesn't care where he plays.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals safety Deone Bucannon enters Year 2 in the NFL and should have a big role on the team in 2015. Last year, playing almost exclusively the role of "dollar" linebacker -- or linebacker in dime packages, he made some plays and held an important role.

According to general manager Steve Keim, Bucannon will start at safety this season. But that won't be the only position he plays.

Head coach Bruce Arians said, "Buc is playing safety, he's playing at the dollar, he's playing at linebacker, so his role just keeps expanding."

Bucannon doesn't care, even though it does take some adjustments going from linebacker to safety.

"It's both your eyes and your angles, because at linebacker you have a shorter amount of time to diagnose a play," he explained. At safety, it's 10-12 yards and you get the whole field (to look at). With linebacker, you're really only looking at a portion of the offense."

So where is he more comfortable after a year in the pros as a linebacker?

"I'm a safety," he said. "I feel more comfortable playing safety, but at the same time I love playing linebacker, too, because it allows me to get down in the box and get closer to the ball. I like being around the ball."

However, despite feeling more comfortable at safety, he isn't going to say no to linebacker, as he mentioned. He just wants to play.

"Honestly, at the end of the day, I just want to be on the field," he said. "It doesn't matter where I'm at...However they split it (where he plays), I just want to be on the field."

If he is on the field, he can make an impact. Hopefully that is what we see from last year's first rounder.