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Carson Palmer works on mechanics in rehab time, knows window of opportunity is closing

Palmer opens up in a MMQB feature.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone around the Arizona Cardinals is excited about the progress quarterback Carson Palmer has made with his surgically repaired knee. What might make fans a little more excited is the fact that he has made himself a better quarterback.

In a MMQB feature, Palmer opened about some of what he did in his recovery process. He found a mechanical flaw that he had developed that had him throwing a little off-balance and that had him drifting to his left.

Since he had to retrain his feet and legs with everything, including walking and running, it was something that just made sense to work on as part of his comeback.

"It will help my completion percentage, it will help with my accuracy and it will also help us as a unit, because I won't be making my left tackle's job as difficult," he said. "In turn, I'll be able to step into more throws. As I'm getting to my second and third and fourth read, I'm holding onto the ball a little bit longer and that pocket is getting slowly smaller, so it will give me more room to work with inside the pocket because I will be more centrally located."

The result should be more accurate throws and a higher completion percentage.

We will see if this carries over to training camp and the regular season.

Palmer also revealed again how he is aware of the closing championship window.

"I think about that all the time. Absolutely," Palmer says. "You only get so many shots. I'm hoping this is lucky No. 13. I believe it is. It is another thing, though, to go out and prove it."

Keep an eye on Palmer in training camp. See if he is always balanced. See if he stays centered in the pocket.

Once again, we see a little more into Palmer and just how much of a football guy he is. He really loves football and really wants to win. More importantly, he sees a real opportunity and feels one was lost last season with his injury.