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2015 NFL Countdown: The History of Arizona Cardinals Jersey Number 86

We check off another jersey number today as we check out the players that wore No. 86 — a couple of good ones too. Come watch one of the Cardiac Cards' biggest comebacks ever!

George Rose/Getty Images

There are a total of 25 players that have worn No. 86 for the Cardinals over the years that we know of since 1950 (for more on that click here), but once again we have only two that really made much of an impact for the Big Red that will change tomorrow.  And today we add another 14 players to the list of One-Hit-Wonders for those keeping track of players who only lasted a year with the team.

As always, we'll hit on those players of note which will leave plenty of room at the bottom for filling in the gaps of players that have worn the red jersey with the white No. 86 on the back (or visa-versa).

So without further ado ...

The Chicago Years

Jack Crittendon 1954
Gern Nagler 1955-1958
Marion Rushing 1959 (LB)

The St. Louis years

Hugh McInnis 1960-1962

Don Brumm (DE) 1963-1972 was a member of the most aggressive, high-energy defense you've ever seen I'd be willing to bet and current day Cardinals fans would have loved to watch these guys.  Drafted as a 1st round draft choice, Brumm was one of the last DE's to wear an 80's number and unfortunately we don't have statistics for tackles or sacks from way back then but PFR does rate him the best of the No. 86's. Following Larry Wilson's lead, Brumm was an important member of the Cardinals team that threw 3 consecutive shutouts in 1970!

Now for the lean years

Jimmy Childs 1978-1979
John Floyd 1981
Ralph Clayton 1981
Ken Thompson 1982-1983
Clyde Duncan 1984-1985
Eric Swanson 1986
Chas Fox 1986
Adrian McBride 1987

Ernie Jones (1988-1992) was the only player to ever wear No. 86 for the Phoenix Cardinals and he wore it well.  You'd think that with Roy 'Jet Stream' Green (81) and J.T. Smith (84) there wouldn't be a lot of work available, but Ernie still managed 3,574 yards on 210 receptions and 18 touchdowns.  Jones (pictured above) also played his part on giving new Cardinals fans in the desert (1988) a glimpse of what the Cardiac Cards of the St. Louis days must have looked like when ...

... the Big Red trailing 23-0 in the 3rd quarter to the eventual champion San Francisco 49ers, finished off an unlikely comeback with a touchdown drive for the upset with time running out.

The Arizona years

It's pretty much been a drought ever since for No. 86.

Chad Fann 1994-1995
Trey Junkin 1996-2001
Kevin Jordan 1996
Bryan Gilmore 2002-2003
Karl Williams 2004
Troy Walters 2006
Stephen Skelton 2011
Todd Heap 2011-2012 (Didn't quite work out like we hoped)
D.C. Jefferson 2013
Jake Ballard 2013
Ryan Spadola 2014

And now there's a new kid in town that wears the BIG EIGHT-SIX on his back by the name of Damond Powell.  Once again we will wish good luck to a rookie with a picture of the Cardinals logo.

Please don't be shy about chirping in with stories (or pictures too) of your favorite Cardinals after you vote on the exit poll.

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