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Should Arizona Cardinals trade for Mike Glennon?

The question comes up again.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

It seems to happen every offseason now, but the question of acquiring a young quarterback is coming up again for the Arizona Cardinals. And the young quarterback in question is again Tampa Bay's Mike Glennon.

Glennon has been connected to the Cardinals since before the Buccaneers drafted him. Many believed the Cardinals would draft him. Glennon, as a rookie in 2013, threw for over 2600 yards, 19 touchdowns and nine interceptions, completing nearly 60 percent of his passes.

Then, after Lovie Smith took over as head coach, the team signed Josh McCown and trade rumors arose and the Cardinals were a team frequently mentioned.

Now the Bucs have moved on from McCown, but they drafted Jameis Winston first overall in the most recent NFL Draft. That means Glennon is presumably available again.

ESPN's Matt Williamson believes Arizona is one of five teams who should trade for him.

Last year, the Cardinals were 6-0 when Carson Palmer got the start, but just 5-5 when Arizona's subpar backups were under center. If Glennon was the fill-in QB on last year's team instead of Ryan Lindley and Drew Stanton, the Cardinals would've fared better with Palmer sidelined. If acquired now, Glennon -- whose skill set mirrors Palmer's and fits perfectly into Bruce Arians' downfield passing attack -- could learn quite a bit playing behind the 35-year-old QB. Plus, it'd be good injury insurance for the Cardinals with Palmer coming off his second major knee tear.

Glennon would make a ton of sense. Stanton isn't going anywhere this year. Palmer, because of his contract, is more or less locked in through 2016. It would give Glennon this year and next year to learn the offense. He would replace Logan Thomas this year and then be the primary backup in 2016. At that point, Glennon would reach the end of his rookie contract would have to be signed long term. But the team would have had two years to see if he could hack it in Bruce Arians' offense.

The question is the price Tampa would ask for. Is Glennon worth a second rounder? Or a 2016 third rounder and a conditional 2017 pick...or even make that conditional pick for 2018?

Considering Glennon has proven he can play in the league and Logan Thomas hasn't shown he can, it would seem like a smart idea.

Of course, why wouldn't Tampa hold on to him? His value will be higher after this season and if Winston gets hurt, Glennon is still a solid option as a backup.

So I ask you the question that has been asked more than once -- should the Cards make a move to get Glennon?