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NFL offseason power rankings: Arizona Cardinals crack top 10 with big question

Some interesting rankings by Peter King.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You know you were missing them. It is time for some offseason power rankings. After free agency and the NFL Draft, Peter King ranked the teams from 1-32 in his opinion. There are some interesting choices by King.

Who is number one? The Baltimore Ravens. Some of the other regular names show up in the top 10, but two teams could be a shock. The Minnesota Vikings come in at number six and the Kansas City Chiefs are fourth.

What about the Arizona Cardinals?

They are 10th.

Maybe the most intriguing team in football. If Carson Palmer stays healthy and productive, the Cards can fight Seattle until Week 17. But we all know Carson Palmer's health is one of the biggest ifs in the NFL.

As fans, it is easy to see why the Cardinals would be intriguing. They were 9-1 when Carson Palmer went down. They have a talented defense. They added speed and skill on offense and the offensive line is much improved, in terms of talent alone.

What would have happened in 2014 with a healthy Palmer? That is what makes Arizona so intriguing. It is also why Palmer's health is one of the biggest questions entering 2015. It isn't because Palmer himself is so intriguing, it is because of where the Cardinals were with him last season. The 9-1 start and the 2-5 finish are glaring contrasts.

Aside form the strange additions to the top 10, having the Cardinals is neither crazy nor offensive. While King might be a little bit off on some teams, it feels like a fair ranking for Arizona.