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Arizona Cardinals 'can play real fast,' working on more no-huddle

It appears the team will be adding it more to the offense this year.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The no-huddle offense is not something the Arizona Cardinals used much in 2014. It was almost none. But it appears, after Monday's practice in OTAs, it might be something the team adds in 2015.

They practiced running the no-huddle and head coach Bruce Arians is apparently more comfortable with the team using it. "(Carson Palmer) is getting more and more comfortable with the way we want to run it," he said after practice. "We can play real fast now. I like the tempo of it."

In 2014, Arizona ran a total of 17 plays using no huddle. Palmer only ran it twice. In fact, the team only used it three times before Week 13.

They used it once in Week 8, Week 10, Week 12 and Week 17. They used it five times in Week 13 and eight times in Week 17.

"You can change the pace of the game and obviously you can get them into a substitution pattern where they're stuck with whatever is on the field," Arians told the media. "There's advantages to it and disadvantages to it."

The advantages are obviously confusion for the defense. The disadvantages are also confusion -- for the offense. If there are any players who don't know their assignment or route, the play can be ruined or there will be penalties.

The few times the Cardinals used it, it didn't go so well.

Here is how each of the Cardinals QBs did in the no-huddle.

Stanton did well, and that makes some sense. He knew the offense really well before ever signing with the Cardinals. Palmer and Lindley? They didn't do so well.

I thought I recalled Arians and Palmer talking about using it last offseason, but apparently I was imagining it. I couldn't find the audio or any article about it. I thought they had practiced it and talked about it and then not used. Maybe this means it is more likely we will see it in 2015.