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Michael Floyd and the go route

The Cardinals receiver is well used down the field.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We know the Arizona Cardinals like to throw the deep ball. Head coach Bruce Arians is known for wanting to get the ball down the field. Guess what? The receiver who you might think was the most used isn't that guy.

Think John Brown?

Nope, the receiver the Cardinals used most on go-routes was Michael Floyd. In fact, he was one of the most used receivers in the entire league with that route.

Pro Football Focus broke down the numbers on go-routes and Floyd ran the second most in the NFL. He ran 202 go-routes, behind only the Cowboys' Terrance Williams.

Those 202 go-routes represented just over 30 percent of all his pass routes.

He was targeted 35 times in those routes -- the 10th-highest number of targets on go-routes. Those 35 targets represent nearly 38 percent of his 95 targets on the year.

Essentially, his job was to run down the field. The article did not state how many receptions Floyd had, but he did produce 413 yards with go-routes -- the third-most yards in the league on such routes. That happened to be just under half (49.1 percent) of his receiving yards.

Will the role change in 2015? Is he used in these routes because he is the best at it, or is he less effective in other roles?

He did leave some catches and yards on the field, failing to haul in a few tough, but catchable passes down the field.

Will that be the case in 2015, or will he haul in the tough ones and end up on the top of this stat list a year from now?